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Let us negotiate your IRS back taxes for less than you owe Reduce IRS Back Taxes
Get tax relief from IRS federal liens with a release Remove IRS Federal Tax Liens
We offer tax debt solutions for payroll tax problems Settle IRS Payroll Tax Problems
You can stop an IRS bank levy with our tax solutions Stop IRS Bank and Wage Levies
Our IRS tax debt solutions can remove IRS penalties and interest Reduce IRS Tax Penalties/Interest
We will file returns for your IRS back taxes File IRS Back Tax Returns
Our tax debt relief will end IRS letters and collection calls End IRS Letters/Collection Calls
Expert IRS tax relief is the best tax debt solution Provide Expert IRS Tax Relief Help
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Welcome to IRS Debt Tax Relief Solutions. You may be seeking a tax relief service to reduce or eliminate your IRS back taxes. Or your tax relief needs may be urgent and the result of an aggressive IRS collection action, so you need fast IRS tax relief. Whatever your IRS back tax debt problem may be, our site attempts to meet the needs of all visitors. If your intent is to learn “how to handle the tax relief solution on your own”, see our Resources Information page. It contains comprehensive and helpful links for all IRS tax relief solutions and IRS tax reduction programs.

If you are seeking top rated IRS tax help with an IRS tax relief company, then we are pleased to introduce Tax Defense Network. You have nothing to lose by taking advantage of their free tax evaluation. Attempting to work with the IRS directly is not only frustrating but stressful and time consuming. Ultimately, you are not likely to obtain the most favorable solution to your IRS tax problem. Our IRS tax relief company will be able to determine which form of tax relief is best suited to your unique back tax situation. Let our IRS tax specialists take away the worry and the burden of your IRS tax problem today!

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  IRS Tax Relief Services
Offer in Compromise will reduce IRS tax debt Offer in Compromise
Penalty abatement IRS tax relief services Penalty Abatement
Installment agreements provide IRS tax relief Installment Agreements
Services for IRS tax lien help IRS Tax Lien Help
Tax relief from an IRS wage garnishment IRS Wage Garnishment
Services for IRS tax levy help IRS Tax Levy Help
IRS relief services resolve payroll tax problems Payroll Tax Debt Problems
IRS filing services handle back tax returns Unfiled Back Tax Returns
IRS relief services for innocent spouse Innocent Spouse Relief
IRS relief services for uncollectible status Currently Uncollectible
IRS collection appeals relief services IRS Collection Appeals
Company offers IRS tax audit representation IRS Audit Representation
IRS tax relief, tax debt relief, tax solutions, tax debt, IRS debt solutions, IRS relief


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of IRS back taxes and all the IRS tax debt solutions
You are informed of the IRS debt solutions that are unique to your IRS tax debt problem
Expedites your IRS relief because your tax debt problem is a priority for prompt handling
Our IRS tax relief experts will work directly with the IRS to reduce your stress and worry
You can rely upon our tax experts
to secure a permanent resolution to your back IRS taxes
Gives you “peace of mind” when
you know IRS tax relief experts are handling your back tax debt

IRS Tax Relief Services / Solutions for IRS Back Taxes

If you owe the IRS back taxes, there may be a tax debt relief solution available to help you tackle your back tax debt and put it behind you once and for all! Outlined below are the most common IRS tax relief solutions and services. These are covered in greater detail on our IRS Tax Solutions page, which also includes seven other types of IRS tax debt relief.

IRS Offer in Compromise – Offer in Compromise is considered to be the most advantageous IRS tax relief solution available to resolve IRS back tax debt. This tax relief solution is more commonly called “IRS tax settlement”. The IRS is willing to “compromise” or “settle tax debt” for less than the full back taxes owed. There are strict guidelines for this tax relief solution so seeking professional IRS tax help could make the difference in qualifying for the IRS tax relief program.

IRS Penalty/Interest Abatement – IRS penalty abatement is a reduction or elimination of IRS tax penalties assessed. This form of IRS tax relief provides significant help to a delinquent taxpayer as penalties can be as high as 25% of the back tax liability. Interest abatement is the reduction or elimination of interest charged by the IRS on back taxes. The accumulation of both penalties and interest can rapidly turn a somewhat manageable IRS tax debt into a heavy tax burden. Find out how our tax relief specialists can reduce or even eliminate your IRS penalties and IRS interest.

IRS Tax Levy Relief – The IRS tax levy is one of the most financially devastating collection tools employed by the IRS. A tax levy gives the IRS the ability to attach all monies held by third parties, including checking and savings accounts and wages. The IRS bank levy immediately freezes your bank account leaving you no access to your funds. The bank is required to remove whatever amount is available (on the particular day the levy is imposed) and send it to the IRS in 21 days, unless notified otherwise by the IRS. The IRS wage levy is administrated by your employer, and leaves you with a “net paycheck” that will not cover even basic living expenses. IRS tax relief is available for both these IRS tax levies, but time is urgent. An IRS tax levy can be “lifted” with a tax levy release. Our IRS tax specialists are experts at quickly lifting the IRS tax levy so you can then address the IRS back tax debt problem without the financial burden of the tax levy.

Tax Relief for IRS Tax Liens – An IRS federal tax lien is the IRS's claim to your property to satisfy payment of your IRS back taxes. This IRS lien attaches all property you not only currently own, but any you may acquire in the future. An IRS tax lien will remain in place until your IRS tax debt is fully paid or the lien is effectively discharged. The negative impact of an IRS tax lien on your credit report will continue to make borrowing from lenders extremely difficult. Our IRS tax specialists can help if you have received a notice of federal tax lien and acting immediately may allow you to keep this IRS lien off the public record. Contact our IRS tax specialists to discuss your tax relief options.

Payroll Tax Debt Relief – If you are a business owner and have fallen behind on your quarterly 941 payroll taxes, it is undoubtedly because your business has been struggling. Failure to properly file and remit IRS payroll taxes is a one of the most severe IRS tax problems as this lack of filing exposes not only the company's assets but, in some circumstances, can also cause liability for the owners, officers and certain employees of the company/business. Because these IRS payroll taxes are deducted from employees and held “in trust” by the employer, the money is actually the property of the United States Treasury. With these facts in mind, seeking expert IRS tax help is wise. It is possible to not only reduce penalties but also to settle payroll tax debt for less. Find out how our tax IRS specialists can help provide your tax relief.

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